Cal K

Cal K

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 Potassium and calcium supplement. The highest concentration of potassium available without a prescription.

100 tablets. Small tablet with smooth coating.

Potassium is an essential mineral that ensures several of the body's vital functions. It is an electrolyte, just like sodium working side by side to maintain the body's pH as well as its fluids equilibrium. Potassium works fro within the body cells while sodium works from outside the cells.

Potassium is essential to the transmission of nerve impulses as well as to muscle contraction. (including the heart) It participates in keeping the kidneys and adrenal glands functioning properly and contributes to many more chemical reactions in the human body, mainly in metabolizing proteins.

Symptoms for potassium deficiency include: fatigue, weakness, muscle cramps, bloating, abdominal pain, stomach cramps, intestinal laziness and constipation.A more severe deficiency could lead to cardiac arrhythmia, among other things.

Any protein diet that is low in calories, will reduce the bodys intake of potassium. Adding a dose of Cal-K will fill that shortage.